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How to care for the scalp and hair for a plump and beautiful hairstyle while traveling in Europe?

When we travel, we will spend a long time playing in the mountains and water outdoors. The sun is shining in the sky. When we come back to the hotel after a day, we always feel that not only the hair style is collapsed, but it is boring, and even the scalp feels uncomfortable. Even when I travel abroad, I always keep the umbrella around me all day long, but I still can't resist the damage of UV rays to the scalp. After a few days, I feel that the scalp is injured, causing the hair roots to be lifeless, and even the hair seems to be thinning.

Soft and Shiny Hair Makes it More Shiny

Hairstyle plays a pivotal role in a person's overall shape. A full and bright hair can not only enhance the overall beauty, but also leave a deep impression on people. Therefore, a real beauty must love herself "from head to toe" thoroughly.

Care for Scalp and Hair are Equally Important

We usually focus on hair care, but ignore that the scalp is the root of hair. Without soil, there will be no flowers, and without a healthy scalp, how can we have plump and healthy hair? It is difficult to design beautiful hairstyles when you have thin hair volume. A collapsed hairstyle not only makes you look listless, but also prevents you from taking beautiful photos during your travel. You would regret that you didn't pay attention to this detail. However, our old thinking only focuses on hair care. After shampooing, we constantly use conditioner or hair cream to protect our hair, but we forget about that the scalp is the foundation of healthy hair. Without a healthy scalp, how can you grow healthy hair? Therefore, if you don't want your hair to get thinner and thinner, you need to take care of your scalp as early as possible.

Scalp Care is as Important as Face Care

Beauty-loving girls may take good care of their skin, and even do not hesitate to pay for facial treatment, and massage their skin on a regular basis. However, only few people have the concept of nurturing healthy scalp. When traveling in Europe or when the seasons change, the temperature changes in the morning and evening, and the scalp frequently feels dry and itchy, and the hair is prone to oily collapse due to prolonged exposure to the sun outside, thus blocking the pores.

I Solve Itchy Scalp Problem with Scalp Care

Although I have sought help from a dermatologist, I still cannot solve the problem of dry and itchy scalp when the seasons change. In recent years, I have found that the scalp should be properly nurtured before, during and after shampooing. Scalp and hair care products can moisturize dry, itchy scalp so as to keep healthy hair at the same time.

How to care for the scalp?

Before Shampooing

Use the pre-shampoo purifying mask to clean the scalp, thoroughly remove the dirt in the hair cavity and pores that affects the health of the hair.

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During Shampoo

After washing your hair with shampoo, many people will use conditioner for hair care, but don’t ignore that it is also a good timing to nourish your scalp with hair mask. It is similar to the concept of applying a mask on your face , your scalp will feel refreshed after hair care mask. You can easily moisturize dry and itchy scalp by applying a layer of hair care mask to the scalp during shampooing, the scalp discomfort can be solved naturally, and the hair can be plump and fluffy.

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After shampoo

Massage with the scalp serum to nourish the scalp, which not only better scalp health and resilience, but also enhance hair growth

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How to care for hair?

Apply hair care oil before drying your hair

Even though I use conditioner to moisturize my hair at the end of the shampoo, I always apply hair care oil before drying my hair so as to protect it from the heat of the blow dryer, ensuring soft, lustrous, and silky hair and keep my hair soft and smooth on the next day.

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Apply hair cream before styling to prevent heat damage

To prevent my hair from the damage of the tools I use for daily hairdressing , I also apply hair cream to block the heat damage.

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After styling your hair, hair spray help to keep your hairstyle longer

A beautiful hairstyle can help you take beautiful, handsome and stylish pictures. However, walking outdoors for a long time during travel, the wind and the sun can easily make the hairstyle look out of shape, I would suggest that ladies can spray some setting liquid moderately after styling, and men can hold a moderate amount of hairspray to make the hairstyle last longer.

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