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Must go in a lifetime. Vienna's "Most Spectacular Cafe"

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien is the fourth largest art museum in the world. It houses European treasures collected by the Habsburgs for hundreds of years. This museum is famous for its collection of works by famous painters such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Dürer, Raphael, Titian, etc. It is an art feast not to be missed when visiting Vienna. The cafe located in the Cupola Hall is the "most spectacular cafe" in Europe that I have seen so far. The unique space is full of artistic atmosphere, making the entire cafe extremely spectacular. It is a must-see for my life Go to a cafe that you would regret otherwise, and share my pilgrimage secrets and experience.

A cafe full of art

The building of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is an art treasure in itself. The internal structure of the building combines two architectural traditions: an elegant entrance hall decorated with detailed sculptures and reliefs, a staircase and a domed hall.

Another fascinating feature is the circular opening that runs from the ceiling of the entrance hall (picture 1 below) to the floor of Level 1 (picture 2 below). This circular opening in the center of the Level 1 cafe is cleverly designed as a circular red sofa. Matching tables and chairs surround this cafe to form a unique seating area.

After entering the hall, pass the hall and walk up the stairs. The visitor is greeted by Antonio Canova’s "Theseus Kills the Centaur"

Follow the stairs to Level 1, and arrive at the atrium decorated with a lot of neo-baroque. After passing through the pillars, it suddenly opens up, and the cafe under the high dome makes people's eyes bright.

After strolling through the unique collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, visiting the famous Saliera ("Golden Salt Box"), admiring the gallery with the largest collection of Bruegel's works in the world, come to this magnificent cafe to enjoy delicious food. What a pleasant thing to taste the characteristics of Viennese cafe culture among the small snacks and exquisite dishes!

Uniquely blessed. spectacular cafe

The cafe is located in the center of the museum, surrounded by high arcades decorated with marble and stucco, with carved beams and painted buildings, magnificent. Directly above is a 60-meter-high, ornately decorated octagonal dome. This beautiful and artistic cafe is breathtakingly majestic, and it is the most spectacular cafe I have ever seen. Before and after visiting the museum, it is recommended to have a meal in this café, to be surrounded by a strong artistic atmosphere, and to appreciate this art-like "Vienna's most spectacular café" as a perfect ending to this artistic feast.

This magnificent cafe has a magical atmosphere and a strong artistic atmosphere that infects everyone, unconsciously, it seems to become more artistic!

Breathtaking panoramic view

of the cafe

Before or after dining in the cafe, you can overlook the panoramic view of the cafe from Level 2 and the circular opening that runs through the entrance hall on the first floor and Level 1.

The magnificant ceiling of cafe

The high-rise space is magnificent without a sense of oppression. The domes and arcades with a large number of Neo-Baroque decorations are one of the most solemn and magnificent designs in Vienna in the late 19th century, and may be unmatched by other European museums. Being in such a beautiful cafe, I feel so happy, adding priceless memories to this museum trip, it can be called my most worthwhile consumption in Vienna

Seating area in the arcade

The seating area in the arcade is more spacious and more private. The window seat allows you to enjoy the garden outside the museum, but I prefer the central seat. While dining, I can admire the exquisitely carved, majestic octagonal dome and carved beams. .

How to plan a pilgrimage

  • Online pre-purchase tickets for the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Please remember that this is a cafe in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. You must buy a ticket to enter the museum before you can eat in this cafe.

  • Online reservation for Cafe

Time is Money, the museum's official website can reserve a seat, book a seat before departure so that you will not waste time in queuing, but if there is no

To go, please be sure to cancel the reservation in advance

  • Breakfast Available on Saturday and Sunday

This cafe serves breakfast every Saturday and Sunday, so I didn’t book a hotel breakfast. After entering the museum at 10 a.m. the next morning in Yana, I went directly to the cafe for breakfast. After breakfast, I began to visit the museum for several hours. Later on, I had lunch here again. Certainly I had made reservation so that I don’t have to wait in the queue.

  • Manage Your Time So As To Have Sufficient Time to Stay at the Cafe

If you only plan to have a cup of coffee in the cafe after visiting the museum in the afternoon, make sure that you have sufficient time to stay at the cafe and don't forget to check the cafe's last time of receive the guests' order.

  • Refer to the official website cafe information

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My thoughts on

breakfast & lunch experience

There are many choices for breakfast. I chose the most expensive breakfast. When it was delivered, it was served on a three-tier shelf. A variety of breads were placed in bags. Drinks must be ordered separately, which will definitely make you full. Two people can order a breakfast to share, plus two drinks.

Under the high dome, while eating breakfast, while immersing in the rare art palace. The price of this breakfast is 29.7 Euros

After the meal, I feel that I am full of artistic temperament, which is a worthwhile meal. Compared with another popular cafe "the Central Cafe" in Vienna and "the New York Palace Cafe" in Budapest, Hungary, there is a sense of space and art that other cafes cannot match.

Lunch is also settled here. Remember to book a table online first, so as not to waste valuable time in long queues, picky foodies and friends who just want to come here to rest, pure coffee, there are many cakes in the cafe’s freezer to choose from .

travel information

It is recommended to refer to the cafe’s webpage information before going to understand the menu and prices, and more importantly, make sure to book a table

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