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How I choose Skin Car Products Effectively?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and beauty cares first and foremost. All the beauty-loving people are skin-conscious, they all know the importance of skin care. How to choose the right skin care products is an issue that everyone should pay attention to. Finding the right products can solve skin problems. Skin care products can let the skin get the nutrients it needs, delay aging, and be healthy and beautiful.

From high school days to now, I can't remember how many brands of skin care products I have used. It is difficult to say which brand is the best, and the most expensive is not definitely the best. It is crucial to choose the right skin care products, but how to find a really effective value product among a wide variety of skin care products without wasting money? I therefore share my tips for choosing skin care products with you by this article.

Study the ingredients and efficacy

of products

In the department store, the beauty consultant of the counter brands of skincare normally are trained and have a basic understanding of the ingredients and efficacy of their products. Therefore, you can directly tell the counter lady about your needs and ask for the products are suitable for you before purchasing. If she answers in a well-structured, unhurried and professional manner, then I will be more at ease listening to her advice and recommendations. Skincare products on open shelves in drugstores usually don’t have someone explaining the product or answering questions. You can only do your own research, go online and check the brand’s official website beforehand to study which products may be suitable for you. In short, you have to do your homework in advance, otherwise you can only buy products and test them at home. Normally, the prices of skin care products in drugstores are much cheaper than the skin care products in the department store.

Read magazines & search for information online

You can easily search for relevant information on Google, if you don’t understand some ingredients, or want to confirm the efficacy of certain skin care ingredients. There may be advanced product rankings abroad. In addition, many magazines often introduce similar products of various brands. For example, eye creams of many brands are put together for efficacy comparison. Reading such articles can save yourself the time to collect information, which is equivalent to putting related products on one platform for introduction and explanation , you can calmly learn about various brands of eye creams and find the products that are suitable for you.

Think about whether there is

added value

Normally the skin care products of the department store's counter brand are much more expensive than the skin care products of the pharmacy, so buying the counter brand should have some added value. For example, a sales assistant of counter brand at department store should play the role of skincare consultant, but not just a salesperson, they should only recommend you the suitable products for your skin instead of pushing you to buy their brand's highest-priced products to boost their business.

Some counter brands will also have some makeup publishing activities or skin care activities. Brands like the ones I use sometimes invite me to their company's skincare events at 5-star hotel. That's what the brand is about nurturing the relationship with the customer, and of course taking care of your skin, which are services that pharmacy skincare products don't have.

update information timely

The technology of skin care products is changing with each passing day, and the competition of various brands is extremely sharp. Many counter brands will update customers with information about their new products and activities through text messages, communication software or mailing DM so that customers can receive the latest information at any time. Cosmeceutical brands don't have a counter salesperson to keep in touch with you and update information, but you can also follow the fan page or subscribe to their e-newsletter.

Use of 'trials' and 'gifts'

Although the counters or pharmacy may allow you to try the product on the spot, you can only smell and feel the touch after a few seconds of test. Honestly speaking, it is difficult for you to see the effect. If you don’t want to spend money on the wrong products, you can ask for a trial product when a product is newly launched so that you can easily decide whether the product is really applicable and avoid wasting money.

Brand counter consumption experience that disgusts me

Although you can consult with counter salesgirls, some brand counter girls are highly mobile, and therefore, it is difficult to keep a skin beauty consultant who truly understands your skin condition and needs for a long time. During the process of shopping, you can observe whether this lady at the counter is suitable to be your skin beauty consultant. Some business-oriented counter salesgirls will always sell more high-end skin care products regardless of your age or your skin type. I can share my own personal experience about a brand of skin care and make-up product with you. Once upon a time, a counter lady I met for the first time had pushed me to buy the highest-priced product, which I didn’t need at all. In her case, there is really no sense of trust. But she just wanted to sell me their top-end skin care products. Even though you had already bought a few products , she continued to push you to buy other products. However, I just went to buy the products I needed and might have some stock at home. After that, I had a very bad impression about this brand. In order to avoid being served by that counter lady again, I switched to other brands later.

Find meticulous and thoughtful beauty consultants

Although the majority of beauty consultants of the counter brands are well trained , there had never been a meticulous and thoughtful beauty consultant had good service in my long skincare history. However, I suddenly received a call from a counter lady of a brand that I had used before and were invited to participate in a hotel skin care event in January 2021. Although I had used this brand for several years before, I was completely unfamiliar with the new products. The lady at the counter, she acquainted me with the products of this brand per professional explanations for the products. It has been nearly a year, I can't believe that she remembers which products I have used, and how meticulous and considerate she is. She is really a rare beauty consultant for a counter brand. Unexpectedly, she just graduated from university for more than a year. This is very different from the work attitude of many social people of different grades I have met. It would be great if everyone could be as dedicated as her in doing their own work, and I hope she can always maintain her original intention and become a trusted beauty consultant.

My 5-star hotel

skin care experience sharing

I was invited by a French brand to go to a hotel for skin care. Although this is not the first time I have been invited, it was the first time I came to skin care after the epidemic was reduced to Level 2. Let’s see if they follow the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. When I arrived at the hotel, they took your body temperature and disinfected your hands. Although this is not the first time the event held at the Regent Hotel, this time the venue is the Presidential Suite. As soon as I entered the venue, I was attracted by the spacious and high-ceilinged space.

I am curious about this chandelier, because I like crystal lamps

How to do facial treatment

during the epidemic of covid-19 ?

In line with the epidemic prevention regulations, to ensure the safety of customers, this skin care is one person per room, which is more private and quiet. I had enjoyed the facial treatment at ease without being disturbed by the chatter of the other guests in the next bed, more importantly a partition is added between guest and the beautician. I had thoroughly enjoyed doing face-making with peace of mind during epidemic prevention.

leave the hotel beautifully

after skin care

After the facial treatment, there was also a hairdresser who helped me dry my hair, so I didn't have to worry about my hair disheveled.

After that, my beauty consultant helped me to apply skin care products and a makeup artist helped me with makeup. Compare to another brand's skin care event at same hotel, the whole process of Sisley was well-organized and thoughtful. These details are really important to me, that's what I said 'The added value is also one of the reasons why I always choose skin care products of department store counter brands.'

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