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You love it, you'll love it

​The relationship between man and dog is so simple

They Always Love You Back

as You Love Them



Chi Life

Hello, everyone! I’m Brad Pitt from the dog world. I have the same name as the Hollywood superstar and I’m as red as him! You can call me Xiaobu, I’m Hiromi Squirrel, so I’m very small, please don’t ask me about my height and weight , How many measurements, this is my secret, I am very petite and fragile, you can love me, praise me, but please don't hug me, just a few days before I started to work, someone hugged me and broke my bones. recovery

I am a busy dog ​​at work. During the day, I work as a public relations manager. After get off work, I work as store security to protect our store from being stolen. I work 24 hours a day and have 3 days off a year. This year, because of my good performance, Enjoy special vacations from time to time. I work hard to eat more snacks. It is the nature of dogs to love to eat. You should understand that I want to share with you the daily life of this famous dog. I hope everyone will come and do it with me. Friends, thanks

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