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After School

After class every day, I usually have lunch in the city center, and then I go to the library to review the courses of the day. Perhaps some people may doubt that there is no pressure to learn English in Taiwan during the process of studying in Taiwan. Will I really be so serious? I dare to swear. It’s too late to return to the dormitory during a weekend trip. I do a week day study every day in my study life. If I have a lunch with classmates at noon, I will practice English conversation. When I return to the dormitory at night, I will definitely study hard in my room. So, I have been practicing

Study Hard & Play Hard

I began to explore this beautiful town with great curiosity until the evening was approaching.

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Lunch Time

At lunchtime, most British people simply eat a sandwich, but instead of eating expensive and unpalatable sandwiches, I usually go to cafes, bars or restaurants. The well-known Betty's Cafe and I often go to Chinese food or afternoon tea with my classmates. , Because we are local residents, we can always arrive at the right time, so we have never queued. Of course, sometimes we want to go back to the dormitory to cook for ourselves. It is also a money-saving option. In short, free arrangement due to nature

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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

In addition to the well-known Betty's Cafe, York also has many specialty cafes. After lunch or the library, I will go for an afternoon tea and then go to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Leisure Time

After lunch, if I didn’t go to the library, sometimes I would walk around. It’s not possible to take a train to other cities after class on weekdays. And York itself is the most popular city for British people. There are many attractions worth exploring. At the bottom is a checkered blog to introduce York’s attractions because of limited time.

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