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Shopping in Europe, Which Country Can Negotiate the Price?

When traveling in Europe, it is unavoidable to shop. I originally thought that we can only bargain at souvenir shop in European countries. However, I recenlty realized that shopping in Italy has a lot of room for bargaining in recent years.

Pharmacy Took the Initiative to Gave Me Discount

When I was shopping in a Florence pharmacy in 2018, I asked the clerk about the price of a product, and the clerk told me that if I bought two bottles, she could give me a discount. I was really surprised at the time, because when I initially bought the same product in a pharmacy in Rome, the clerk kept persuading me to buy more bottles, and I declined because it was expensive. At that time, the clerk didn't offer me a discount, even though she tried to persuade me to buy more items. Surprisingly, the clerk of pharmacy in Florence took the initiative to give me a discount.

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Venice's Crystal Glass Shop is Bound to Bargain

There are many crystal glass shops in Venice, which display many works of great artistic value, and look dizzying and irresistible. These beautiful crystal works are expensive. You might need to spend a lot of money if you want to carry a few pieces home. According to the experience of myslef and the tour members, these crystal stores can indeed bargain. Moreover, as long as you really want to buy, sometimes the store will temporarily close the store for you and only serve you as a VIP customer. Therefore, if you like to buy the art works of these stores, don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. As the value of such unique works of art depend on each customer’s vision . Of course, the price can be determined according to your vision and bargaining space is flexible.

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Milan Optical Shop Can Actually Ask for a Discount

In 2019, I bought sunglasses of luxury brand in a chain optical store in Milan. I didn’t know where the inspiration came from, I suddenly asked the clerk if I bought two pairs, can I get a discount? Surprisingly, I the clerk said that I could get a 20% discount. Later, I chose more than two pairs in the store. I asked the clerk for discount again, out of thee blue, the clerk said that I could get a 30% discount, and I even asked him for some gifts. The clerk kept talking to me that Milan is better than Paris for shopping, because the price is cheaper than Paris. My personal experience is that shopping in Italy can be negotiated and it seems the cities in the north of Italy is easier for price negotiation.

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