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Stayed at the Scottish B&B, I Felt British Human Touch

When I traveled to Scotland many years ago, I stayed in a B&B for the first time in my life. Since the previous trips were all hotels, I felt very fresh at the time. The B&B in the United Kingdom has been rated by the organization, so the quality of accommodation is sometimes more comfortable than the hotel, and The price is also more approachable than the hotel, which can be called high quality and low price, and can also experience the local customs.

The B&B in the United Kingdom are rated by the organization. Therefore, the quality of accommodation is sometimes more comfortable than hotel, and the price is also more approachable than a hotel. You can also experience the local customs and British human touch. Here I share my experience of staying in a Scottish B & B.

The appearance of the B & B is simple and unpretentious,

but the inside is unique

When I arrived at the B & B, I felt that the appearance was bland and unremarkable. An lady who was about 70 years old helped me check in. Later, I found out that she was the owner of the B & B. After checking in, she did not hesitate to help me on the luggage.

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After completing the check-in procedure, the host led me to leave the apartment, and then, a beautiful rose garden came into view and my room was located on the second floor of a cottage in the garden.

While the owner led me pass through the winding garden path, I hurriedly glanced at the delicate and lovely flowers and plants in the beautiful garden. As this is the first time I stayed at a B & B, I was looking forward to this stay.

Linda漫遊品味綺麗人生網誌 | Linda Chou's Lifestyle Blog

When I entered the room, the first thing I saw was a white window that made my soul settle down. There were vases filled with purple and white flowers on the window sill, as well as a local travel guide. The owner's ingenious arrangement made the window look different. From the window, I can see the secluded rose garden , and I was satisfied with the experience of such a stay like never before.

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The bedding was bright and soft, the room was quiet and pleasant,

Linda漫遊品味綺麗人生網誌 | Linda Chou's Lifestyle Blog

The room was small, but well-equipment, kettle and various tea bags and coffee, cups were all available,

The most interesting item was a mini refrigerator, which looked like a toy,

Bathroom facilities were modern and clean.

The sunlight accompanied me to

enjoy breakfast in the elegant restaurant

The dining room for breakfast was quite large. The two high windows let sunlight in, and accompanied me to enjoy the breakfast. It could be seen that the owner was very careful in the layout. Not only the colors were harmonious, but also the whole space configuration and furniture were well matched, which made me immersed in the British family. cozy atmosphere. I noticed that the equipment looks new, maybe the woner just refurbished the house.

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As this was a small B & B, there were only three tables in the restaurant, the overall layout was simple and elegant, I experienced a warm feeling that the hotel does not provide.

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Thinking back to the high window, enjoying breakfast slowly, I was really satisfied and happy at that time. Who said that the accommodation when traveling must be a splendid high-end hotel? B&Bs can indeed give people a profound experience of the local people's customs and lifestyle.

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For breakfast , there was an all-you-can-eat area, allowing guests to pick up their own food, and then the owner cooked the hot food ordered by the guests and brought it to the table.


The table setting was simple and unpretentious, but it gave me a sense of intimacy at home. Just looking at it made me feel good, and there would definitely be flowers embellished, so that I could be infected with the vitality of flowers while eating.

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The B&B served a typical English breakfast, but I don't eat black pudding, nor can I eat a full English breakfast. I only ordered what I like to eat. Both coffee or tea were big pots for you to drink unlimitedly.

The other room guests came to have breakfast one after another. The two old ladies sitting opposite said kindly to me: Good morning, and they also took the initiative to chat with me. After a short chat, I realized that the owner of the guesthouse had chatted with the two old ladies the day before that I was about to move in. I told them that I come Taiwan and stayed in York for English study, and I went to Scotland for weekend. They warmly wished me all the best and had a good time during my stay in the UK. They left me a wonderful experience of British human touch.

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The owner was accompanied by a dog and a cat. During breakfast time, they were also busy hanging out in the restaurant. Because of them, the atmosphere became lively. I guest only few people might take pictures for them. The dog smiled happily at the camera while I was taking pictures.

The cat kept playing tricks, rolling around on the floor, posing in various poses

" Some People Look for Beautiful Place,

Some Make Place Beautiful "

After breakfast, I couldn't help wandering back in the garden for a while, savoring the aesthetics of British home life, how wonderful it would be to have afternoon tea in the garden. It was a pleasure to have time alone in such a beautiful English garden.

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Europeans always love to show their artistic talents and creativity in their daily environment and home space, so even the B & B that look inconspicuous on the outside are comfortably furnished inside, and even have a beautiful garden. The experience of staying at this B & B had made me realize that instead of looking for a beautiful and comfortable living environment, it is better to create my own ideal home environment by myself. We are attracted to the beautiful scenery of Europe, but the beautiful scenery of European countries does not come out of thin air. It is closely related to the artistic talent and life aesthetics of Europeans. As we love the beautiful scenery of Europe, we always take pictures to keep the beautiful memories . Since yearning for the beauty of Europe, why not try to transform our environment, even if you don't go abroad, you can immerse yourself in the European-style environment.

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