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I Spent a Laid-back Vacation in Rapallo, Italy Like This

Rapallo is a town located between Portofino and Chiavari, in the Italian province of Genoa, near the Gulf of Tigullio. The local climate is mild and the population is about 34,000.

Since Rapallo is a small town near the sea, fully enjoying the sea view and the town style is one of the key points in the travel planning of Rapallo. I chose the hotel facing the sea. The moment I entered the room, the boundless beauty of the sea and the sky in front of me almost made two people feel lost. I cried because I didn't have a vacation in the year, the room has a balcony to enjoy the sea view during the day and night

Not only the tourist quality is not good in places with many people, but after this epidemic, there may be a negative impression of worrying about crowds when traveling in the future. In my past travel experience in Europe, Italy has a long and narrow coastline. If tourists choose to travel Low-density scenic spots can not only improve the quality of vacations, but also ease the psychological pressure of crowding. Rapallo, which has few tourists, is a town I accidentally discovered. Not full of tourists, breakfast time is the only occasion where I meet more tenants, there are no crowds rubbing shoulders in the town, let me enjoy a moment of tranquility, and spend my unforgettable sea view vacation here, also share with you

Dining with sea view at hotel restaurant

The hotel has a large swimming pool and a restaurant facing the sea. In addition to enjoying the sea view from the room, the restaurant of the hotel faces the sea at a close distance, so that you can dine in the vast and boundless ocean, but remember to wear sunglasses to prevent your eyes from being caught by the sea. reflected light stimulation

Own the borderless sea when swimming

in the seaside swimming pool

The seaside swimming pool allows you to enjoy the unbounded beauty of the sea and sky, the whole sea is yours


The hotel has a sunbathing area and an indoor bar, allowing guests to enjoy the sea and sky thoroughly.

From the hotel, you can see the view of the town's wharf

Luxury Hotel Lobby

Even in the peak tourist season, the hotel is not full of tourists. Breakfast time is the only occasion when I meet more guests. I spent my unforgettable sea view vacation here. The sofa area in the hotel lobby is a good place to rest during the day and night.


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Harbour Village, Laid-back Style

The vast seaside, as far as the eye can see, makes people relaxed and happy

The marina is full of private yachts, which shows that Italians love to do sea life here

The pace of the town by the pier is slow, there are few Asian tourists, and there are no crowds rubbing shoulders in the town, which allows me to enjoy a moment of tranquility. It is suitable for travelers who want to relax and vacation. Personally, I think it is better than Rainbow Island in Venice and five The fishing village is more suitable for those who want to vacation, restaurants, cafe shops are also readily available

Travel Notes:

1. The nearest train station is Rapallo

2. Rapallo Castle along the coast

3. Tourist information reference website:

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