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A Hotel Room in Madrid Made Me Feel Like a Princess and Want to Stay Forever

This time I stayed in the Junior Suite in Madrid. Since the hotel was originally the home of a Spanish duke in the 19th century, not only the appearance of the building itself is very historical, but also the rooms are antique. There are four magnificent and functional public areas in the building of the reception hall, and the Junior Suite I stayed in is located in the most historic building.

The whole building is surrounded by gardens, and the whole French-style building can be admired from the garden, which is very European-style.

Although it is the oldest building, it is well maintained inside. The patio is decorated with stained glass, and the high beams and carved railings interweave an antique atrium,

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Exquisite and elegant sofa chairs are placed next to the atrium on the second floor

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

A Heavenly Like Suite

Walking into my living room, the elegant color system once again demonstrates the designer's skill. The walls, hanging paintings, sofas, lighting and furniture are all carefully matched in color, showing an elegant and meticulous style

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The coffee table in front of the window is my favorite corner, where I can watch TV or enjoy the garden from the floor-to-ceiling windows

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Even the door is antique

The coffee table in front of the window is my favorite corner, you can see the garden from the floor-to-ceiling windows,

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The bedroom is full of noble and elegant atmosphere

Although the color tone of the room is not my favorite color, but the colors in every corner are well matched, full of noble and elegant atmosphere, which gave me another understanding of color matching.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Even the bathroom facilities are as big as a Taipei suite

The bathroom facilities of this base suite are as big as those in Taipei. Not only does it have a bathtub, but it also has a shower room, and the toilet has a separate space, even with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Intimate bed making at night makes me sleep sweetly

When making the bed at night, not only do you give the guests a box of chocolates to sweeten their mouths and have a sweet dream, but also tell them about tomorrow's weather, isn't it very considerate? It also includes a breakfast menu, so you can lie on the bed While watching TV, I selected the breakfast for tomorrow morning, and handed it over to the waiter in the restaurant the next morning, and all the meals I ordered were served on the table soon

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Standing in the living room of this elegant suite, you can't help but feel elegant, and suddenly you will feel like a princess, wishing to stay in a paradise hotel forever, and be a noble princess who doesn't bother with the world.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The fruit plate that surprised me

After checking in, I had lunch in the pink room. Unexpectedly, when I returned to the room after the meal, I saw a plate of various fruits on the coffee table, and a card from the hotel attached to make me happy Surprise, in the past three days, I have tasted all kinds of Spanish fruits, and I have also verified that Spanish fruits are sweet and delicious, comparable to the fruit kingdom of Taiwan

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Cards written by hotel staff may not be useful to ordinary people, but for me, a traveler who often travels alone, because I deeply feel that a beautiful journey is hard-won and needs the help and friendliness of many people, so I read this When I received the card, I was so touched inside, and I did spend a wonderful time here like heaven, thank you very much for all the help, kindness and service from all the staff in this hotel

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Suite panorama video sharing

Isn't it fun to look at photos? Please watch the real-life video

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