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When staying in a hotel, how to avoid staying in the wrong room and sleeping in the wrong bed?

When booking a room online, everyone studied the room photos, paid the price and booked the room online, and then had a fantasy, but until the check-in time to find out, you can't be sure what the room you booked really looks like, and you wait until After you complete the check-in process, whether you are satisfied with the room assigned to you by the hotel, everything is almost a foregone conclusion, and if you are in a foreign country, you may have no choice. There have been many moments of disillusionment when staying in a hotel. So, I would like to share with you my experience and how to avoid damage to rights.

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When you check into your room,

do you "dream come true" or "wake up"?

The photos of hotels or booking websites give us a lot of room for imagination, but the moment you complete the check-in procedure and walk into the room, you may have a "dream come true" or "wake up". One time, after traveling through France and Germany, I just flew to Florence from Frankfurt. I was still in a daze and walked into the room of the 5-star hotel that I had booked in advance. There was no aisle space at all, and I felt that it was a "maid's room" with two single beds. Suddenly, my brain suddenly came to my mind. I remembered the photos I saw when I booked a room online. The room looks like when I meet netizens and find that the netizens are very different from the photos I see on the Internet, and it looks like online shopping and disassembling the goods are completely different from what I imagined. I am really "wake up".

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The room is not ready,

I almost slept in the wrong room by doing cheap things

So I told the porter: "This is not the room I paid for! (This is not the room I booked)", so we went back to the front desk, and I immediately showed the photo on my phone to tell the hotel staff that I ordered this one The room, he was actually hard, the decoration of each room was different, I told him: "I booked this room, becuase I saw the pictures of the room on your hotel offical site, the interior design is decent. (I saw The decoration of these photos on your hotel's official website is very elegant before booking)", and the photo of the room just now was not included in the photo example of the room type I selected, he searched and searched before saying that the room in the photo took about an hour will be sorted. Everything finally came to light. It turned out that when I arrived at the hotel, only that room was available, so, without considering the room type I booked, he acted cheaply and allocated the room at will. Or maybe he didn't even notice which type of room I booked, but I paid so much that I almost became a big bait. So I told him that we could wait for an hour in the lobby of the hotel, and finally we were able to get into the room I carefully selected, which was at least three times the size of the first room, and there were several more pieces of classical furniture inside, The decor is directly upgraded to a gorgeous style. I booked a double room and I was assigned a single room, which is an exaggeration. Fortunately, I remember what the room I booked looks like, and strive to the end, otherwise staying in such a small room for 5 days will leave a shadow on my soul.

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On the second day of my stay, I received an email from the hotel to do a satisfaction survey. I thought I had a few more days to stay, but I didn’t respond for the time being. After returning to China, I left a comment on Google Maps, and the hotel actually replied, “They are sorry, I hope we can give you another answer. They have a chance", travel is a very precious opportunity, they don't take the guest's vacation opportunity seriously, how can the guest stay again? And I arrived at the hotel one hour later than the check-in time allowed by the hotel, The room should have been ready long ago. If it is not ready, some hotels will directly upgrade to solve the problem in order to avoid complaints and negative reviews caused by guests waiting, but this 5-star hotel simply downgrades me, and it is impossible for me to stay again.

Linda風尚生活網誌 | Linda Chou's Lifestyle Blog

Negative reviews on the Internet hurt a lot,

and hoteliers are very concerned about it

Once I made a reservation for a hotel in Rome, I saw that a guest gave a negative review to a hotel on google map. The hotel manager left a message under the comment and replied: Dear guest, I eagerly explained the situation to the guest and said that the review is very important, please Guests delete negative reviews. It can be seen that negative reviews on the Internet are very harmful to hotel operators, so hotels will care about online reviews and even reply to guest reviews. Some hotels will improve according to the negative reviews of the guests. It is suggested that you can use the booking website, google map and Tripadvisor to write reviews on the hotels you have stayed in, and urge the hoteliers together.

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Hotel intern made me almost stay in the wrong room and sleep in the wrong bed

Another situation is that the front desk staff of the hotel may be inexperienced, or intern, etc. They don't know the room type you booked at all, and they don't care how much more money you pay than the average room type, especially the working attitude of Europeans. It is more flexible, based on the convenience of your own homework, you can assign a room to you at will, so the room type you pay more when you book a room online may be marked as a basic room type (standard room) when you arrive at the hotel. I once stayed in Vienna with 5 stars When I was in the hotel, the intern assigned me a room with two single beds, but I clearly booked a room with a double bed. Who are the two beds for me? So I told the porter on the spot. It's not my room, the porter immediately called the front desk, and it took an hour to reschedule, but the staff also forgot that there was a tenant like me waiting madly. , When you check in, don't leave your fate to the front desk staff, but take the initiative to remind them of the room type and bed type you booked, so as to avoid their temporary negligence and damage your rights.

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Book a sea-facing room type

5-star hotel in Italy confirms the room arrangement with me like this

I once stayed in a 5-star seaside hotel in Italy. When I booked a room, I wanted to choose a sea-facing room with a higher price and a balcony, but from the hotel's official website, I saw that the hotel's rooms seem to use many mirrors in the interior layout of each room type. Too many mirrors in the bedroom is a feng shui taboo, so I first sent an email to communicate with the hotel, expressing that I hoped that the room should at least not be directly facing the bed, and the hotel said that it would try to help me arrange it.

On the day of check-in, after the check-in procedure, the hotel staff accompanied us to the room, introduced the environment and furnishings of the room, and confirmed to us whether the room met our expectations. I expressed my satisfaction. The hotel staff immediately took out an A4 piece of paper for me to sign for confirmation. The room has been accepted. I have never encountered a hotel that asks the guest to sign for confirmation. This should be related to my request from the hotel in advance, so the hotel acts and arranges carefully, and does not want the guest to complain afterwards. This is also a way to ensure the rights and interests of both parties. The experience of that stay was very good. , It should be related to my request to contact the hotel in advance, so it is strongly recommended that you communicate in advance to let the hotel know that you are very picky. Usually, the hotel will spend more time dealing with it. After all, negative reviews on the Internet are very hurtful.

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Online shopping has an appreciation period, you can return it,

Online booking can only rely on luck, do you think it is strange?

I have shopped online in European countries. Like Taiwan, if you are not satisfied, you can return and exchange the goods within the time limit, but it is strange that there is no such mechanism for online booking. Don't you think it's strange that there is no room for turning around until the end of the stay? After all, we only saw a few photos and brief introductions when we booked a room. The whole picture of the type of room is for everyone to evaluate, so the photos of the hotel or the reservation website give us a lot of room for imagination, and sometimes mislead us to book the wrong hotel, only "wake up" when you check in, and find out how the room is what you think That's so bad!! So, the photos on the Internet can only be used as a reference. If you are not satisfied with the room, you cannot refund or change the room on the spot. "This is really unfair!" Respond to Visa and Mase organizations one by one!

Linda風尚生活網誌 | Linda Chou's Lifestyle Blog

After booking a room online,

do you remember what the room you booked looked like?

It may take some time for you to check in after booking, and you may stay in several different hotels in one trip. You need to do a lot of homework for independent travel. Before you travel, you have to arrange your itinerary and pack your luggage. How can you remember what the hotels you book in each city look like? What? If you don't even remember what the room you bought looks like, you can easily become a "lamb to be slaughtered" when you check in, and let the front desk staff of the hotel arrange the room for you at will. Therefore, I suggest that you should carefully confirm the following points after selecting the room type when making a reservation and before paying by credit card:

  • What facilities are included in the room type selected by yourself, such as whether it faces the mountain, the sea, the lake, with a balcony, and so on.

  • What conditions are included in the room type you selected, such as whether it includes breakfast, dinner, afternoon tea, etc.

  • Be sure to keep a record of the room type you booked, including photos, ancillary facilities and conditions. You can take a screenshot and save it in your mobile phone, or you can print the reservation confirmation, and use a strange pen to mark the year, month, day and date of your upcoming stay on the first page. city, and then put it in the folder, so that you can see the information and photos of the room you have booked at a glance when there is a problem during the trip.

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Precautions when checking in

  • 2~3 days before check-in, I will contact the hotel by email, reminding the reservation number so that the hotel can check my reservation, and then tell them my special needs, such as asking them to change the bedding, my possible arrival time, etc. This will also reconfirm with the hotel that you will be checking in and have them prepare the room.

  • When checking in, don't leave your fate to the front desk staff, but take the initiative to remind them of the room type and bed type you booked, so as to avoid their temporary negligence and damage to your rights.

  • Before arriving at the hotel, you should recall the appearance of the room you booked so that you can quickly confirm it after entering the room.

  • You cannot confirm the quality of your room until you walk into the room. Therefore, be sure to check the room facilities in front of the porter. If there is a problem with the room type or equipment you booked, you must immediately report to the porter and solve it on the spot.

May everyone's dream come true!

Linda風尚生活網誌 | Linda Chou's Lifestyle Blog

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