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My Most Painful Experience in London Portobello Road Market and F & M Tea Shop

It's unbelievable that even a scarf can be a target of thief

In the winter of 2010, I went to London for a study tour, made a pilgrimage to Fortnum & Mason after class, ordered Cream Tea from the waiter, and left my seat to go to the bathroom. Maybe because I was studying in London at the time, I felt that London was much safer than other big cities in Europe. I don’t know why. Yes, I just left the scarf on the chair. When I came back, I found that the scarf was gone. I asked the waiter, and I was surprised by his irrelevant response. Looking around the other guests, I felt that they should take advantage of the fact that I was leaving. After taking my scarf, I realized that thieves will also "steal when they are hungry." Don't think that thieves only steal valuable things. Any personal belongings placed in public places may become a tool to test human nature. This is how I lost my scarf.

Linda風尚生活網誌| Fortnum & Mason

The old horse who knows the road has a big fall at Notting Hill

The 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill , starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant was filmed on location Notting Hill in London is a vibrant fashion district, home to Portobello Market, which sells vintage and vintage fashion (Portobello Road Market) Famous, Portobello Road is lined with casual cafes, high-end restaurants and boutiques gathered around Westbourne Grove.

Linda風尚生活網誌Notting Hill

Although tour groups do not plan to visit this place, Portobello Market is still popular with many independent travelers and is one of the most worthwhile flea markets in London, where locals usually buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Starting from Friday, clothing stalls, second-hand goods and antique stalls make up a busy market. I constantly went to dig for treasures whenever I visited London. I could always find some unique souvenirs and the antique silverware here often makes me fall in love.

Linda風尚生活網誌| Portobello Road Market)

The Portobello market that fills me with

disappointment & remorse

I have been to the Portobello market many times to dig for treasures. Once, on the way out of the subway station to the market, I took out my camera to take a picture and put it back in my shoulder bag right away. Although I had been staying in London for short-term study, I was still vigilant, holding my bag tightly to my chest. After entering the market, I shuttled among various vendors. At one point, I took out my camera to take pictures, and then put it back in my bag.

Portobello Road Market

Unexpectedly, when I wanted to take pictures again, I couldn't find my camera. At that time, I felt like a thunderclap. I lost not only a 100% Japanese-made Sony high-quality camera , but also all the photos taken during the travel from north to south England. The photos I took were stolen with my camera, it was my worst lost property experience in Europe,

Portobello Road Market

It was the first time I cried bitterly when I was traveling, and I felt very regretful. In my heart, memories are more important than money. The photos I took along the way just disappeared. Naively, I thought there would be kind-hearted people who would have picked up my camera and delivered it to the nearby police station. I was told by the police that the thieves in Portobello market steal 3C products. I can't figure it out, how do the thieves find the corresponding charging equipment for my old camera? Can they sell it for money after stealing it? As I can't travel without a camera, I had to buy another camera, I really want to curse the person who stole my camera, but I’m not good at speaking ill of people, and my heart is full of remorse.

My Painful Realization

After these two lessons, the painful realization is:

  • No matter domestic/foreign travel, back up photos no matter how tired you are


  • The safest place is the most dangerous place, every moment is the moment of the crime

  • People are sinister, European thieves are "hungry and steal", and worthless things may become the target of crime


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