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Linda Indulged in the Luxury and Beautiful Home of the Duke of Spain-Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Returned to Madird in 2023, I stayed at this 5-star hotel, which was originally the home of a Spanish duke in the 19th century. The biggest attraction of the public area is the four magnificent rooms with different functions.

In the building where reception hall is located, even the check-in counter is elegantly and beautifully arranged. Look at the two-laywer curtain behind the counter, which is retro and elegant. A classic chair is placed next to the counter under the stairs, showing delicacy and elegance everywhere.

After completing the check-in procedures, walk into the hotel through a delicate door. The first welcome is the light blue lobby. The high patio introduces light, creating a breath-taking and quiet sense of space.

The delicate line panels and carvings on the walls and ceiling of the blue hall, together with the classic round sofas, really give people the illusion of going back in time and space of the 19th century, imagining the scene where the owner, Duke Santo Mauro, greeted the guests here before, and the scene of the canopy gathering. It regreatful that I could stay in this hotel.

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The Luxury Red Room

Decorated with Unique Taste is Breath-taking

The red room is painted in red as the main color, and the white strips embellishing the whole room spectacularly. When I just walked into this room, the spectacular decor took my breath away.

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Not only the walls, but also all the furniture, carpets, curtains, and even wall hangings are carefully matched with red.

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Two sets of elegant classic chairs decorate the corner of the room

In this room, I deeply felt the unique taste and momentum of the Spanish nobles.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Resting on the sofa for a while, I imagined that in the 19th century, the scene here was luxurious, the crowns were gathered, and the duke received guests in this room. The overwhelming scene gave me the illusion of going back in time.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The whole room is extremely gorgeous, like a dream, which makes me feel unreal

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

I was overwhelme by a surge of excitement and continually took several photos to keep the emotion at this momentin my heart .

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The Duke's Chinese Collection

Adorn the Princess Style Pink Room

The other room is delicately and elegantly decorated with the Chinese-style ornaments collected by the Duke , which made me realize that Chinese style and European style can be integrated with each other, showing such a harmonious and elegant beauty.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Meticulous wallpaper patterns, elegant sofa seats and Chinese-style decorations set off the elegant and extraordinary princess style.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The exquisite and beautiful paintings on the ceiling are amazing, and the European style of the room is matched with Chinese furniture and paintings coordinated.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Every piece of decoration is placed in the most appropriate position. In front of the gorgeous and elegant mirror, the peach-like red ornaments on the fireplace contrast with the two pineapple-shaped wall lamps on the wall, adding a sense of interest to the room

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

This princess-style pink room is my favorite room in this hotel. In this room, I was intoxicated, and feel like a noble and elegant princess.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The comfortable sofa in front of the window made me want to be laid-back in the sofa all day long. Looking closely at the curtains and upholstery fabrics of the sofa in this room, it can be seen that the designer has a first-class skill, and he was able to coordinate the complicated patterns so harmoniously, showing a unique aesthetic feeling

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The Retro Bar Gives Illusion of Going Back in Time

The the retro style of well-designed bar made me want to toast here even if I have no drinking habits. When I stayed in the hotel, it was summer time, and the majority of guests chose to drink in the garden, so I was able to take pictures of a very neat bar.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

All kinds of wines are displayed spectacularly. The exquisite bar chairs in front of the bar counter and the well-designed walls outline scenes like Hollywood movies.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

Duke's Library Designed as Main Dining Room

The Duke's library was planned as the main dining room, suitable for formal meals. The walls are filled with the Duke's collection of books from the ceiling to the floor.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The full room of books made me unconsciously elegant

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

The Complex Design of the Hotel Inspired Me a Lot

I have traveled to Europe several times over the years. The design of the public space of this hotel had inspired me a lot. The complex collocation can show a harmonious beauty. Every room makes people want to savor it carefully. It is so beautiful that people cannot look away , please click the link below to explore more about this hotel.

Linda in Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

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