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New York Palace Budapest

Accommodation + three meals a complete experience

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New York Palace Cafe is an affiliated cafe of a five-star hotel. It is famous for its splendor and beauty. Therefore, it has become an attraction not to be missed when traveling to Budapest. After finishing the travel homework and deciding the attraction, based on the following five reasons, I will New York Palace is included in the pocket list of selected hotels:

  • Convenient to visit the opera house, shopping street and boutique area

  • European five-star hotels generally give special treatment to hotel guests, such as priority reservation of hotel equipment, enjoy dining area, etc., some Italian five-star hotels even prohibit non-guests from entering the restaurant in the hotel to dine, and can only dine at outdoor tables

  • ​The hotel buffet breakfast for guests is only 23 euros, which is far cheaper than non-guests’ a la carte breakfast at New York Palace cafe

  • ​The price of this hotel is cheaper than five-star hotels in other areas

  • Avoid waiting in line to enter the cafe to waste precious time

My Saty at

New York Palace Hotel

  • The hotel rooms are not ideal, the equipment is old or even damaged, and the cleanliness needs to be improved. Although it will be dealt with immediately after the response, it is a five-star hotel after all, and guests should not help them check the hotel facilities and cleanliness

  • The lobby and maintenance of the hotel are better than the rooms, and the staff at the counter are professional and friendly

Lunch at New York Palace Cafe

      A few days before check-in, I emailed the hotel to ask if I need to book Chinese food at New York Palace Cafe. The hotel’s reply has already reserved the place for me, so there is no need to line up after check-in. I go directly to the cafe. I immediately said that I knew I was a guest, and the hotel planned the second floor as a dedicated area for guests, where people came and went. The noisy and crowded first floor was separated, the seats were relatively spacious, the dining environment was more elegant than the first floor, and the atmosphere was less Under pressure, the waiter can provide customers with a more complete service, and more importantly, they will not worry about affecting other customers when taking pictures.

I ordered rib-eye steak, mango dessert and apple cake that day. What really surprised me was the rib-eye steak. It was a superb steak. The mango desserts were also refreshing and delicious. As for the apple cake, it was inferior. The bill was very expensive. steak 9600 HUF (about NT $ 1066), the same delicious约比布达佩斯cafe central rib eye steak expensive NT $ 300, but I think very rarely eat a big meal, it occasionally spoil yourself about it!

My gorgeous palace

Aristocratic experience

Love life

Breakfast at New York Palace Hotel

I usually think of breakfast during travel as a time to heal the fatigue of the year, because dining in the hotel where I am staying, I feel particularly relaxed. Compared with non-guests, they can only look at the menu on the first floor and have limited breakfast options. The buffet is only 23 euros, although I was hesitant to stay in this hotel, because I saw that the promotional price includes breakfast on the reservation network, I made a decision. The ground floor is a special area for hotel guests to enjoy breakfast. The breakfast is really disappointing. , The options are very rich. There is also a single-item menu outside the buffet for free. When I have eaten enough, the restaurant staff actually pushed a dining cart full of three desserts to the table and asked if I wanted a horse. What about Fen? What else do I need? It was a surprise to me. I deeply feel that it is worth it to spend 23 euros for this breakfast. The seven-star hotel staff service makes me feel like a nobleman enjoying breakfast in the palace.