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My "Sequences of European Travel"

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     When traveling, unintentional encounters may not only add fun to the journey, but even become unforgettable memories. In my travel experience, due to cultural and educational differences, it often brings me many new experiences. From years of travel and human interaction, I found that the differences in education between the East and the West have cultivated completely different concepts. Sometimes you can only appreciate the gentleman's demeanor and enjoy the thoughtful interaction when you travel to certain countries. Sometimes I feel the sparks of the collision of Eastern and Western cultural differences, which echoes in my mind bit by bit, and I can't forget it for a long time. So I keep daydreaming and want to go abroad every day, so that I can always experience the gentlemanly demeanor and keep having touching encounters.This is my "European travel sequelae" . Here is a compilation of the most unforgettable memories of my past travels. I share what I have seen and heard when traveling in Europe as a woman. I hope to infect everyone my warmth and joy at the time.

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