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Top French Skin Care Brand

​I was pampered by sisley

Skincare Event

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~ Sisley Skincare Event ~

​at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei

      Invited by the top French skin care brand to participate in the skin care fair held at the 5-star Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. After a few days of drizzle, it finally stopped raining that day. The spacious lobby on the ground floor made me feel like exploring a wonderland. After a few minutes walk, I saw my beauty consultant was already waiting for me at the main entrance. Fortunately, I was always punctual, otherwise she would have to wait for a long time.


​Made Me Feel Like
Back to a Hotel in Europe

        It is the first time I visited the Mandarin Oriental, I felt as if I was back to Europe and was deeply attracted to this beautiful hotel. There are many high-end specialty stores in the lobby.  Since I haven't traveled to Europe for more than two years due to the pandemic of Covid-19.   I had  a feeling of being healed by this European style hotel.  Thanks to my beauty consultant who was aware of my nostalgia for Europe and kindly helped me take pictures in the hotel lobby.


White Structure

Premium Skin Care Experience

     Mandarin Oriental is a relatively new 5-star hotel in Taipei. The facilities including bedrooms and bathrooms are of the same level as what I had seen in Europe. The luxurious hotel complements this French skin care brand perfectly. It is the best and most comfortable hotel among the skincare events I have attended so far. Just like the skincare event held at the Regent Hotel in October last year, the highest standard of epidemic prevention was adopted. Each guest could enjoy facial treatment in a private room alone and avoided being disturbed by other guests. As the temperature was low that day, the beautician had thoughtfully warmed up the electric blanket on the bed before skincare. The brand’s highest-grade skin care product was used for face care this time. I also use same products for my daily skincare routine.

After the face care, I did feel the effect and my face was radiant.


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Whole New Experience, Feel Attentively

     After skin care, it was a real treat to taste the exquisite dessert prepared by Mandarin Oriental, paired with a cup of hot coffee. What else I could ask for!


Scalp Hair Detection & Care

      After a short refreshment, I started to take a examination for my scalp and hair. They checked the health of my scalp and hair through an instrument, and learned about the moisture retention of the scalp, the condition of pores, the density of the hair and the condition of the hair fiber. I was told that each hair follicle of the scalp can grow 3 hair strands, so the health of the scalp is closely related to the growth of the hair strands. It is difficult to have plump hairs without a healthy scalps

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Premium Hospitality

      This French brand not only carefully prepared beauticians for my facial treatment, hair stylists for my styling, and make-up artists for my makeup, the biggest surprise of this skin care event is to arrange a photographer to take pictures to leave  beautiful memories for each guest .

Photography for Beautiful Memories

      The make-up artist arranged for each guest to make up, and the hairdresser did the styling for us. What surprised me most was that they thoughtfully arranged a professional photographer to take photos for each guest. The event allowed each guest to be radiant after skin care and thereafter, have a beautiful memory at the end of the event.


      I had short communication with the photographer before taking photos. After taking a few photos, the photographer showed me the results for me to pick up one photo . This photo not only recorded the effect of the facial treatment, but also left me a beautiful memory.  The radiant, high-spirited beauty imprint made me deeply appreciate the intention of this French brand to pamper its users.

Beauty Consultant
Introduces New Products

       After photography, my beauty consultant introduced the brand's new products to me one-on-one, and I also consider my recent skin condition to choose products. I would recommend checking the inventory at home and discussing with your beauty consultant what products you might need beforehand. You can also pick up some new product trial packs to try out in advance  so that you can purchase the suitable products on the day of the skincare event. 

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