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Stunning British Town

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UK Study Tour
My most exciting journey

I went to the UK to study for the first time in my college days and thus established my career ambitions. After more than 20 years, I was able to return to the UK to study. It was just that my identity changed from a student to a social person. I cherish my return to study in the UK. It not only allowed me to breathe a little, but also got a lot of inspiration. For me who loves to travel, studying abroad is not only to learn English, or to travel, but also to make my life rich and exciting, without regrets.

Britain's rich history, culture, and artistic assets

Attracted me to study in the UK 4 degrees

It has nothing to do with the preference for American English or British English. It is the first time I studied in the United Kingdom in my college days and left memorable memories. In addition, I have traveled to other English-speaking countries. I feel that the history, culture, and art resources of the United Kingdom are relatively rich. I am a fan of museums, castles, palaces and mansions. The rich cultural and artistic assets of the United Kingdom can satisfy my interests, and I like the scenery of the English countryside. Therefore, in addition to the first time I went abroad to study in the United Kingdom, I entered society 3 times I went to the UK for a short-term study trip. I have been to London, York and Leeds. Here are my notes on my study life in York


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Daily life of travel students

My notes on my study life in York, a small town in the United Kingdom. The content includes daily food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and fun, as well as the sights, sights and hearings, humanities and customs, culture and art that I discovered when traveling from south to north in the UK I hope everyone will like it.

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​Day 1 Arrive at the dormitory

​Experience life in cosmopolitan London

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Where to go on a study weekend in London?

There are many beautiful towns and suburbs around London worth visiting

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Class is over!!

​What is there to do in London?

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​Study tour

Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, what I saw in London

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The bits and pieces in the language school

Memories created with teachers, classmates, school staff

If you want to study abroad, find a 4th study tour to the UK experts

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​Chief Executive Officer of Aixue Overseas Education

Have a complete UK travel/study abroad background

In order to plan a beautiful study tour plan for you


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