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From  Linda

Unable to travel abroad due to the pneumonia epidemic, I accidentally started this blog to fill up the regret of not being able to take a vacation. When I wrote the post, I repeatedly evoked the good memories of past travels. Fortunately, I have grasped the present and visited many countries before. I write and edit every time. A post, the content of the post that I want to share is not only beautiful photos, sharing personal experience and experience, but also focusing on in-depth introduction of the stories and history of scenic spots, restaurants, and cafes. Therefore, many of the contents are compiled and translated through the official website of the visit. I even refer to the first-hand information obtained by many relevant information websites, and strive for the correctness of the content. Each post takes a long time, and I do my best because I hope that the Linda Fashion Life blog presents high-quality blog content. If you agree with my philosophy and feel that my blog is in line with your favorite, please click like and follow my fan page on facebook. The way to travel in Europe is different , and don’t forget to click on each post when you finish reading. The love symbol at the bottom right corner of the end of the article, let me know which type of post you like, readers’ encouragement is my motivation to continue writing, thank you everyone!


This is a blog to share life with you, and look forward to sparking sparks with fellow friends

The content covers travel and life in Vientiane,

The facebook fan page "Linda Fashion Life Blog" contains all the content on this blog

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Hope my blog can add fun & color to your life

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