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Unparalleled Breakfast Experience

   I usually don’t have time to have a good breakfast. When traveling in Europe, I always look forward to what kind of breakfast the hotel will prepare for us. I don’t know whether it’s affected by COVID-19, or the hotel never provides self-service buffet breakfast. This hotel let guests to order from menu and then bring every dish to individual guest. I had experienced breakfast in eight hotels for this vacation. The breakfast at the San Mauro Hotel should be the most exquisite and delicious, with the most leisurely atmosphere and excellent service. The breakfast comforted me physically and mentally after not going abroad for 3 and a half years due to COVID-19. In particular, I would like to introduce the incomparable breakfast at the Luxury Collection Hotel San Mauro in detail, please click the link below to taste every dish with me.


Dining Experience 

      During my stay, I also had enjoyed lunch and dinner in the hotel. I was in a good mood to dine in such a beautiful space. I also experienced a free drink in the garden in the evening. You are welcome to click the button below to explore the meals and drinks with me.


If You Ask Me Where You Stayed in Madrid?
I Would Say 'Heaven'

      I had stayed in a lot of luxury 5-star hotel over the past three decades. However, Santo Mauro Hotel is not just luxury, but also attentive to the details of hospitality. They place a high priority on the needs of individual guests.  As I had worked for a French based multinational company's branch office in Taiwan, I had learned that the inner communcaiton and team work between the staff of different culture are not easy. When I realized that some of the hotel staff are from different nations, I couldn't help marveling at how the management could make staff from different countries and cultures work so professionally and efficiently.  It is grateful that their professional and hard work made me a heavely stay in Madrid.


    ​  There are so many geniuses in the world who are underappreciated and have no ambitions throughout their lives. Gaudí showed his talents at a young age and was given many opportunities to show his talents. How lucky he is! Visitors to the church have been flocking all year round. If Gaodi knew that he devoted himself wholeheartedly to this church and would be so admired by the world, he would have smiled!



Waiting for 141 years, 
When Will the Sagrada Familia Completed?

   Taiwanese people's enthusiasm for foreigners is very well-known among tourists. I didn't expect Spain to be so similar to Taiwan. Although I stayed in this hotel for only three days, the good memories will always remain in my heart. As a solo traveler, the staff gave me the warmest welcome, the most thoughtful experience, and the most comfortable accommodation.  This hotel made me deeply feel the human touch of the Spanish people, as well as the high-quality professionalism of the employees in the hotel industry. Take this opprotunity, I would like to give special thanks to everyone and sincerely wish them enjoy working and life! 



    ​  2006年第一次旅遊巴塞隆納, 我只參觀了聖家堂, 米拉之家和被聯合國教科文組織列為世界遺產的奎爾公園。 2023年我除了重返聖家堂, 還參觀了高第作早的作品維森斯之家,巴特羅之家。每件不同時期的作品各自展現了高第創作生涯不同的功力與風格, 將陸續介紹, 敬請期待。




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Concrete Wall

Year ​2023

My Most Beautiful Encounter in Barcelona~

Image by Martin Martz
Flower Arrangement 1
Flower Arrangement 2

My Heavenly Stay in

Santo Mauro Hotel, Madrid

   It has been more than a decade since my last visit to Madrid.  I hoped to deeply experience the beauty and humanity of this Spanish capital for my second trip in 2023. Since the hotels in different districts of Madrid have their pros and cons, which had made me hesitate for long time. Thus, it took a lot of time to book hotels beforehand. In the end, I stayed in 3 different hotels in Madrid in 6 days. In my personal travel history, the last one 'Santo Mauro Hotel' where I stayed for 3 nights​ is the only hotel made me feel like I was in paradise. It not only gave me a new look at the Spanish hotel industry, but also beat out the Italian hotels and rearranged the ranking of European hotels in my mind.


​I Was Surprised by the Doorman
When I Just Arrived at the Hotel

   Before I arrived at the hotel, I received an online check-in e-mail from the Marriott Hotel Group, which meant that I could check in online. At that time, I thought it was strange why the Marriott Group developed such an impersonal procedure for guests to check in by themselves. I obediently clicked and completed the process about a few minutes before I arrived at the hotel. As a result, the hotel doorman called me Ms. Chou when I just opened the door and got off the taxi. I was very suprised by the doorman, because none of the hotel staff knew my last name in my past travel history, even if I stayed in a 5-star hotel in Vienna for 21 days. Surprisingly, the senior doorman still remembered my surname and called me Ms. Chou when he met me somewhere in the hotel.



Unique Accommodation Experience
in the Spanish Duke's Exquisite Home

      Gaudí, who was frail and sickly as a child, had long been looking forward to recuperating at his summer home in the Riudoms. There he spent much time contemplating and storing in his mind the secrets of nature, which he considered to be his ultimate teacher of knowledge and the highest achievement of the Creator. Antoni Gaudi thus found the essence and meaning of architecture by following the patterns of nature and always respecting its laws. He did not reproduce it, but traced its progress through a collaborative process, and in this context Gaudi created the most beautiful, sustainable and effective works through his architecture. Gaudí himself once said: "Originality is a return to basics."

casa batllo巴特略之家

Wizards are considered lunatics

Later Gaudi moved to Barcelona to study architecture part-time, but his studies were intermittent. In 1878, when Gaudi finished his studies at the School of Architecture, dean Élis Rojean Elies Rogent declared: "I don't know whether we give this degree to madmen or geniuses; only time will tell." It is undeniable, however, that young Gaudí was an innovator rather than just following old norms. A wonderful work in the passionate architectural world.


In his prime, masterpieces abound: the Bellesguard Tower, Park Güell, the restoration of Mallorca Cathedral, the church on the Güell Estate ), Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and finally La Sagrada Familia Basilica. Gaudí, who frequented theaters, concerts and social gatherings in his youth, gradually faded out of the unexpected as his architectural creation reached its peak. From a young dude who loves good food, to someone who cares less about personal appearance, eats frugally, stays away from social life, and is more religious at the same time.




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