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Top French Skin Care Brand

The Hideaway English Town Durham

Healing journey

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Leaf Pattern Design

~ The charm of a British town cannot be blocked~

I wash my body and soul in Durham in Xanadu

Durham has no shortage of internationally renowned chain hotels, most of which are not very close to the city center, but it is a pity to come to the town without experiencing the unique British style of homestays, and the United Kingdom has organized B&B ratings, so the quality of B&B accommodation There are standards to follow. Generally 4~5 star B&Bs can make people feel at home, and the price is obviously cheaper than the hotel. Since you come to a small town like Durham, of course, don’t miss the experience and unique style. The characteristic B & B, the B & B I chose to live is close to the city center, and it is convenient to walk to the main attractions of the small town. Not only the accommodation quality is good, but also the beautiful garden like a peach blossom garden. During the stay, I will heal and study abroad for a whole year Under the heavy pressure of schoolwork, this B&B guest room is comparable to a 5-star hotel, with warm and elegant interior decoration, modern bathroom equipment and toiletries, and a full supply of electric tea kettles, tea bags and coffee, so you can enjoy it without going out Afternoon tea fun


​Made Me Feel Like
Back to a Hotel in Europe

The owner’s taste affects the interior design and layout of the homestay. The homestay owner’s ingenious layout can be seen everywhere in the room. Because the homestay owner loves gardening, there are beautiful flowers everywhere in the room, which makes people feel warm and comfortable and reluctant to leave.

White Structure

Premium Skin Care Experience

The mosaic in front of the castle gives a brief overview of the history of the castle, and visitors can get a glimpse of Knaresborough's past.

Leaf Pattern Design

​The owner has an extraordinary taste

After visiting the castle, walk to the open space in front of the castle. From here, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Nied River. There is a sudden sense of comfort, if you have a picnic here.


Scalp Hair Detection & Care

    After a short refreshment, I started to do a physical examination for my scalp and hair. I checked the health of my scalp and hair through an instrument, and learned about the moisture retention of the scalp, the condition of pores, the density of the scalp hair and the condition of the hair fiber. It turned out to be healthy. Each hair follicle of the scalp can grow 3 hair strands, so the health of the scalp is closely related to the growth of the hair strands. Without a healthy scalp, it is difficult to have plump hair.

Leaf Pattern Design

​Wash body and soul in the beautiful garden

It is this beautiful garden that makes me feel worth returning to the house price. Although it is the peak summer season, it is not used by other tenants. It has become my personal secret garden. In this garden with green grass and flowers, I wash my body and heart. , Ling, let go of the exhaustion that a whole year of schoolwork has brought me, and wave away all kinds of pressure

Photography for Beautiful Memories

I don’t get tired of spending a long time here. I don’t want to spend money to drink afternoon tea in the cafe. The tea drinking equipment in the room can come in handy. If you bring some desserts, you can easily enjoy afternoon tea in this beautiful secret garden.


    I had short communication with the photographer before taking photos. After taking a few photos, the photographer showed me the results for me to pick up one photo . This photo not only records the effect of the facial treatment, but also left me a beautiful memory .  The radiant, high-spirited beauty imprint made me deeply appreciate the intention of this French brand to pamper its users.

Fascinating medieval streets of small towns

Strolling through the medieval streets of Knarsboro, not only the well-decorated houses of local residents frequently attract my attention, but also many fascinating specialty shops, flower shops, art and craft shops, music shops and fine wine shops. There are various stalls in the open-air market on Wednesday , offering traditional high-quality fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, etc., and buying with the locals, you can deeply experience the British market culture.

Table and Chair

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