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Popular meeting place for Viennese people ~ Café Weimar

Founded in 1900, Café Weimar is an organization of the Vienna Café Association. For more than 100 years, many Viennese cafes have undergone changes, but Café Weimar is committed to maintaining an authentic Viennese cafe forever, hoping to attract businessmen and those who like real Viennese coffee more than latte art and white chocolate mocha with skimmed milk guest. Café Weimar is only a 2-minute walk from the Vienna People’s Opera House. It has always been a popular meeting place for Viennese people and a place where Viennese people go before they go to the Opera House.

Since its establishment more than 120 years ago, the owner of this cafe has also faced many challenges in operating difficulties. The current owner bought this cafe in 2017 and remodeled it. As soon as I walked into Cafe-Restaurant Weimar, I felt that this is the cafe where Viennese people gather every day. I am the only tourist. Not only the marble tables in the museum are big and square, the distance between the table and the table is more pilgrimage than the average tourist. The cafe is more spacious, and guests will not interfere with each other

The new owner’s business philosophy is to blend tradition and modernity, so Café Weimar’s interior decoration combines luxury and creativity. When I walked into the cafe, I was attracted by the lampshades made of French tutu. The elegant tutu chandeliers were hung on the typical cafe furniture. The cabinets on the whole wall displayed many handicrafts and potted plants, which made people have a drink at home. The intimacy and comfort of coffee.

A cool antique typewriter is displayed in the corner of the cafe, adding to the elegance of this century-old authentic Viennese cafe. In addition to traditional dishes such as beef stew and Viennese schnitzel, special meals of the day are served every day on weekdays.

At lunch time, the cafes are filled with locals eating and gathering to kill time. I spend a leisurely lunch time here without queuing, no appointments, and no long waiting for meals. Moreover, this kind of local people will go to the cafe to serve A student will not force a tip with a customer. If you tip him, the waiter will be surprised.

In the display cabinets, freshly baked pastries are provided every day.

The Beef Tartar (Beef Tartar) ordered on the day is a French cuisine in the early 20th century. It is minced with fresh beef and horse meat. The traditional way of eating is salt, freshly ground pepper, Tabasco chili sauce, and Woos Sauce Worcestershire; in Italy, minced onions, Câpre, cornichons, persil, minced garlic, olive oil, and a raw egg yolk are added. This cafe slightly changed the content of the dish. When eating, you first smear the grilled toast with cream and beef tartare, add minced onion and minced coriander, it has a different taste, but because it is raw meat, it is easy to attract flies. Have to eat quickly

I also ordered a refreshing salad that day. The price of beef tartare is € 14,90. If you want to come here for breakfast, you can go to the official website to refer to several breakfasts at different prices. The cheapest Weimar breakfast starts at € 5,80, including Freshly baked croissants and optional coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a full pot of coffee costs € 5,80, but if you order breakfast, you can add a full pot of coffee for only 1.50 euros.

Weimar Cafe Information::

Währinger Str. 68, 1090 Wie, Austria


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